Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super experimental breakfast

After seeing a ton of egg stuffed baked avocados on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand and give it my own spin. The result was warm avocado deliciousness.
I scooped each half of the avocado into a bowl and added chopped fresh herbs from my garden (basil and cilantro), salt, and fresh ground pepper.  I used a knife to cut the avocado into chunks and mix it with the spices. 
Next I scooped the avocado mix back into the skin and pressed it down to make room for the egg.  I placed each half in the middle of tin foil supports I made and cracked an egg into each half and sprinkled salt and red pepper on top....I did have a bit of a hard time gauging time and temperature but about 15 mins at 400 oughta do it.

To complete the meal, I wanted something slightly different than traditional potatoes, so I whipped up some yucca hash browns.  While they came put very flavorful, I had never cooked yucca before so this was more of practice for what I have planned for next time (stay tuned!).
Finally I cut up some fruit.  Tangerines and mamey.  The mamey was very interesting - it's sweet but it's texture is unusual.  However, it paired well with the stuffed avocados.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mango Chutney

One of my favorite thing about Florida in the summer is mangos!!!!  I got some nice ripe Chilean mangoes from Publix the other day and whipped up some chutney, here's what I used:

  • 2 ripe mangos
  • Apple Cider vinegar
  • Rice vinegar
  • ground mustard seed 
  • Ginger (I used Chinese ginger)
  • little bit of Cheyenne pepper
  • dash of nutmeg
  • Chopped fresh cilantro
  • juice from about 1/4 lime
Heat up the mango over med-low heat and add about equal portions of the vinegars.  Add the spices.  When sauce starts to thicken add the chopped cilantro and lime juice.  Optional, could add nuts.  Later on I made this chutney sans cilantro but with pecans....also very good.

I use mine as part of my sandwich :)  num num num.....

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Florida Trip Summary

See you later, Mississippi!!!!!

The boys are getting good at riding in the car...Bandit was still really excited, but was able to relax more, and Jackson did not throw up.  Not even once.

Jackson is scared of ALL new tiled or hardwood spaces

We made it through the Zombie Apocalypse, but not without a Zombie attack, luckily though, as we found out...the boys are immune...


...but I still made it just in time to watch Seth and Lana get married the Ritz...

Bandit and Jackson also got a taste of "the good life" at Uncle Char's and Jax got a new ball

The boys got to spend some time at the beach and see their grandma ...and a tiger kite!

and Christmas Rice for allllll!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppy is ready to go jet skiing!  He'll drive us there!!!

...but then after too much fun, he's too tired to drive back, he'll nap.

Adam and Bandit are party animals, they're out.

Adam works out that hangover in the changing my breaks :) what a nice guy....

...but man does he look mean in the am! ;)

We then loaded the car, had some breakfast and headed north to Otown.  I was smart and packed my uke on top of my car before getting on 95! yay!  By the grace of Zeus (and the laws of friction and force) it got caught under my car racks and is unharmed and sounds as lovely as ever - same cannot be said for my voice.

Bye South Florida!

We stayed the night in Orlando with my dear friend Ferris, met the newest addition to her family, her baby girl Laura, and saw the rest of her fam of course, hubby Tim and adorable baby boy Tripp.  Got some video, but no pics.  Always great to see them, such a lovely home....only place that Jackson ran right in without hesitation.  Maybe because they have carpet, but even on the hardwood floor he was comfy.  The boys ran right in the guest bedroom and claimed it as their own.  I think they're getting used to being nomadic, which is good, in a few months it will be our least for a bit. 

Jackson wasn't so sure about riding shotgun

One of the nicer parts of the ride

 They were so good in this trip, I was really proud of them, my little demons have come a long way.  But man, we were all glad to be back in our own space, even if that space just happens to be in Mississippi.

Here's my Three boys eating in the same room in three different spaces and NOT fighting and NOT trying to steal each other foods.  I'm so proud.  But I'm sure that this will not be able to go on as soon as I pick up my foster dog up later today.  Sigh.