Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super experimental breakfast

After seeing a ton of egg stuffed baked avocados on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand and give it my own spin. The result was warm avocado deliciousness.
I scooped each half of the avocado into a bowl and added chopped fresh herbs from my garden (basil and cilantro), salt, and fresh ground pepper.  I used a knife to cut the avocado into chunks and mix it with the spices. 
Next I scooped the avocado mix back into the skin and pressed it down to make room for the egg.  I placed each half in the middle of tin foil supports I made and cracked an egg into each half and sprinkled salt and red pepper on top....I did have a bit of a hard time gauging time and temperature but about 15 mins at 400 oughta do it.

To complete the meal, I wanted something slightly different than traditional potatoes, so I whipped up some yucca hash browns.  While they came put very flavorful, I had never cooked yucca before so this was more of practice for what I have planned for next time (stay tuned!).
Finally I cut up some fruit.  Tangerines and mamey.  The mamey was very interesting - it's sweet but it's texture is unusual.  However, it paired well with the stuffed avocados.


Charmie Pujalt said...

Avocados + Eggs? It doesn't make sense but at the same time sounds delish!

Charmie Pujalt said...

Sounds like it doesn't work, but at the same time looks delish!